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Venue Hunting


After booking their wedding church, Ai and Erick decided to look for a venue for their reception.

Since their chosen wedding church is located in Intramuros, the couple decided to look for their reception venue in the Walled City of Manila first. Pretty easy right? Nah… Erick and Kate wanted a roofed venue with A/C. They did not want a garden venue for the following reasons:

  • The weather in the Philippines is pretty unpredictable. It could rain on their wedding day.
  • The couple wants their guests to have the comforts of an A/C.
  • Sometimes you could smell the garden venues’s freshly cut/trimmed grass and plants that you could taste them while eating. (Ack!)

Anyway, here are the possible roofed venues in Intramuros:

  • La Castellana – This place is beautiful and new. But the rental is pretty pricey for a place that does not have air-conditioning.
  • Casa Blanca – This venue is in the Casa Manila compound — just across San Agustin Church. Located on the second floor and with A/C, Casa Blanca is a pretty affordable venue. For only Php17,000, you would have the venue for 6 hours. The place isn’t unsightly, but one could easily notice it is kinda old. This place is perfect if the wedding theme is Vintage or Filipiniana.

Casa Blanca is on the second floor

Casa Blanca’s patio

Venue Rates in Intramuros

  • Patio Victoria – Aside from holding garden receptions, Patio Victoria also has an indoor venue. The banquet hall already has drapings which was a plus and the wedding packages are pretty affordable, too. However, the indoor venue could only fit 120 guests and the buffet table would be situated outside the banquet hall.
    For December bookings, Patio Victoria does not allow outside caterers.

Patio Victoria

  • Villa Immaculada – This venue is located behind Manila Cathedral and was the couple’s 1st choice. It has an ample parking space and of course, it’s with A/C. Plus, the drapings and crystal drops also are included in their wedding package. There’s free food tasting every Sunday from 12nn to 2pm.
    The only reason why the couple did not book this venue was because their wedding date was already reserved by another couple. (Darn it!)

Villa Immaculada’s parking lot

Villa Immaculada’s entrance

Villa Immaculada

For Tamayo’s Catering/Villa Immaculada’s rates, click here: Villa Immaculada Supreme Wedding Package 2011-Gray; Classic Supreme Wedding Package 2011-Gray

  • Kaisa Angelo King Heritage Center (Bahay Tsinoy Museum) — This was suggested by an AE. The couple did not check this place out because when Kate phoned this events place, she was told that the venue rental would cost Php35,000 for 3 hours. (plus the one who answered the call was unfriendly, too).
  • Casa Marinero – the couple also did not check out this venue since outside caterers are not allowed.

But of course, if one is getting married in Intramuros, it does not necessarily mean that the reception venue should be in Intramuros, right? So the couple decided to scout venues near Intramuros:

  • The Pergola – Located across the World Trade Center, this place is not only beautiful, but affordable as well. Their wedding packages range from Php129,250 up to Php216,750 [and above]. It’s better to get their wedding package than just to rent the place out (Php55,000 on weekdays and Php60,000 on weekends). But again, the place was already booked. (Too bad!)
  • Ibarra’s Garden, Manila – Located near Robinson’s Place Ermita, this venue is an old house converted to an events place. The wedding packages are pretty affordable, but the parking space is so small.

sorry for the crappy pic

  • Patio Manila – This was suggested by Tamayo’s Catering’s AE. Erick and Kate was not able to check this venue out. They can’t find this venue.
  • Palacio de Maynila – When the couple was told that the venue rental costs about Php100,000, they decided not check out this venue.
  • Manila Ocean Park — MOP has banquet halls where you can hold parties. However, their packages are quite expensive.
  • Ramon Magsaysay Center Hall — This venue is pretty popular on w@w, most especially for those who are on a tight budget (like Ai and Erick). Since they already read a lot of feedback regarding RMCH, they did not bother to check this place out (not because the feedback and comments were bad, okay?). This place is like a blank canvass so you could easily style the venue.
  • 1Esplanade – pretty expensive
  • SMX – expensive
  • Shrine of Jesus Hall (SM MoA) — The couple did not know that the Shrine of Jesus (SOJ) in MoA has a banquet hall! But Erick did not want to check out the venue because it’s located at the basement of the church. When Ai phoned SOJ, she was told that the wedding package would cost around Php172,000 for the venue and catering by Hizon’s. For Tamayo’s Catering, it is also right about the same price.
  • Light of Love Events Place, QC — People would think that Light of Love (LoL) is pretty far from Intramuros. Well, not really. If you’re pretty familiar with the roads of Manila, it’s easy to get to LoL [via UN-Otis-Nagtahan-Ramon Magsaysay-Altura/Stop&Shop-Santol route]. From Intramuros, it would take about 15 – 30 minutes to get to LoL depending on the traffic. This venue also has affordable wedding packages (good for 150 pax) from Php148,500 to Php161,000 [and above].

But the couple’s wedding reception venue will not be held on the venues stated above. There will be a separate post for their reception venue so stay tuned! 🙂